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Special President’s Message

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Journal

Friends, family and supporters.

A great deal has happened since members of the Blue Sky Surgical Team visited the New Hope Hospital and Dr. Eugene Maklin and his team located in Cap Haitian in northern Haiti.

At the time, the region seemed far safer than crime ridden Port au Prince and though we had made the decision to return to the Double Harvest Clinic (in Port au Prince region) with a smaller team in November, we left with tremendous admiration for what Dr. Maklin was doing at New Hope, and the conviction to do what we could to help him as well.

While we all know a great deal has happened since April. The assassination of the president has left a highly unstable “government” in place, Covid has surged throughout the country with little or no access to vaccines, spotty testing and little ability to track and manage the illness, and now the devastation of an earthquake in the southwest corner of the country.

Blue Sky Surgery continues to explore how we can help while facing the stark reality that bringing teams into the country now is not feasible given our limited resources, and the extraordinary risks. Beyond that, our two strongest on the ground contacts for logistics and healthcare, Pierre Dilus and Peter Pierrot and currently not in the country for safety reasons.

We will soon be upgrading out methods of communication so we can provide all of you the opportunity to understand what is happening and how you can help Haiti through Blue Sky. We hope to help Dr. Maklin build a new access road (see the picture below of the current condition of the “road) to his hospital so patients can arrive safely, and support the work of Double Harvest in any way until we can return.

Please keep an eye out for more information as we update our website and our plans!

All the best,

Tony Coletta

Current Condition of the Access Road
Tony Coletta, President

Tony Coletta, President


Tony is a board-certified general surgeon who merges a distinguished clinical career and success as a healthcare visionary and business leader with his passion for delivering health care to the people in Haiti. He founded the Blue Sky Surgical team in 2007, serves as Team Leader, and has performed hundreds of surgeries on men, women and children of Haiti. Tony has been recognized as one of the Top 10 People Transforming Health Care in Philadelphia.

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