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BlueSky/Manos Amigas Brigade Complete Highly Successful Mission

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Journal

On November 4, 2023, 26 surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, registered nurse anesthetists, surgical assistants, interpreters and lay logisticians returned safely from 10 days of clinic and surgeries caring for hundreds of indigent patients in the region of La Entrada, Copan, Honduras. Together with our colleagues Serving at the Crossroads who have built and maintained the Manos Amigas Clinic where we worked, basic surgical care provided to the highest standards for these patients brought comfort and healing where there often is none.

The experience was transformational for all of us who have worked so long and hard in Haiti and are now precluded from going there due to the fundamental collapse of the country’s rule of law. The needs in Honduras are just as great and in fact, similar needs no doubt exist throughout the Caribbean and Central American regions.

So we now have renewed our focus and are expanding our mission with the intention of providing the resources necessary for the essential, compassionate and charitable professionals who provide their time and expertise to care for those who are in the greatest need. Providing care where there often is none. As our mission expands, we will focus on supporting the personal expenses these professionals would otherwise bear on their own including airfare, and room and board, so as they give of their time away from jobs and family, there will be one less sacrifice they need to bear. The rewards are endless for the team and for their patients.

We will keep you posted as we finalize both near term and long term goals to ensure that the mission stays alive and well.

Thanks to all for your support and encouragement!


Tony Coletta, President

Tony Coletta, President


Tony is a board-certified general surgeon who merges a distinguished clinical career and success as a healthcare visionary and business leader with his passion for delivering health care to the people in Haiti. He founded the Blue Sky Surgical team in 2007, serves as Team Leader, and has performed hundreds of surgeries on men, women and children of Haiti. Tony has been recognized as one of the Top 10 People Transforming Health Care in Philadelphia.
BlueSky in Honduras

BlueSky in Honduras

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